• The Empowered Medicine TV Mission:

    Curating & cultivating motivational & empowering content designed to heal the body, mind & soul. 

  • Behinds the Scenes at Empowered Medicine TV

    TO OUR VIEWERS: We provide relevant, cutting edge informational video content designed to motivate and empower our viewers to transcend and optimize their health status by integrating all aspects of their health - body, mind & soul.



    TO OUR CORPORATE SPONSORS: We provide several sponsorship opportunities to reach relevant audiences, with the most competitive CPM. Period.

  • The Solutions We Offer Our Sponsors

    Because Empowered Medicine TV is available on over 50 networks, such as Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and so many others, we are able to provide the access for exponential exposure to relevant consumers on a global scale via our partnership with BonBonNetworks, a multi-channel network. This same partnership affords an expanded social media reach of over 250,000 followers.


    What this means for our sponsors, is that they too receive the benefits of getting their product/service/message out to millions of relevant, interested & global consumers. Additionally, sponsors are able to tap into over 250,000 followers via our social media campaigns!


  • Empowered Medicine TV

    Is Available On These Networks

  • We get your brand in front of millions of potential viewers:

    *Stats via BonBonNetworks

    1 Million - 5 Million Users

    100,000 Active Monthly Users

    21.7 Million Monthly Users

    1.2 Million Users

    7.4 Million Subscribers

    100 Million Subscribers

    20.8 Million Viewers

    3 Billion Views Monthly

    6 Million Viewers

    36.85 Million Viewers

    40 Million Viewers

    1 Billion Users

    3.8 Million Users

  • Audience Demographics

    • Combined Community Reach: 4+ million
    • Average Viewer Age: 25 - 45
    • Education Level: College Graduates
    • Median Income: $65,000+
    • Viewership: 80% Women/20% Men
    * Stats via BonBon Networks


  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    • Dedicated advertorial episode(s)
    • Premium logo placement on Empowered Medicine TV channel and website;
    • "Thank you for watching" mention, logo, or clip at the end of episode(s);
    • Product placement in episode(s);
    • Product and/or service mention in episode(s);
    • Social Media Campaign(s)
    • Custom Options - Have an idea or suggestion of your own? Let us know!

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