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BonBonNetworks Changes Name to BingeNetworks.TV

BonBon Networks just announced they have changed their name to Binge Networks.TV

Binge is a multi-network provider that delivers "premium binge-worthy video content," with a highly curated focus on trends in lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. In fact, Empowered Medicine TV is proud to be one of their channel partners.

Binge has partnerships with Apple TV, Rokue, Amazon Fire, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and many others. This allows video content creators, such as Empowered Medicine TV to have a global voice and a global brand.

For more information about Binge and/or how to become one of their channel partners, CLICK HERE.

If you and/or your company has news and/or information to share and would like Empowered Medicine TV to cover your news, complete our contact form.

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